Planning Commission


Planning Commission

The Planning Commission consists of seven members who are appointed by the City Council to four-year terms. The Planning Commission serves as an advisory committee and performs the following functions:

•Periodically review and revise, as necessary, the General Plan.
•Implement the General Plan through actions including, but not limited to, the administration of specific plans and zoning and subdivision ordinances.
•Endeavor to promote public interest in, comment on, and understanding of the General Plan and regulations relating to it.
•Consult and advise with public officials and agencies, public utility companies, civic, educational, professional, and other organizations, and citizens generally concerning implementation of the General Plan.
•Promote the coordination of local plans and programs with the plans and programs of other public agencies.
•Perform other functions as the City provides, including conducting studies and preparing plans other than those outlined here.

Procedures for the Planning Commission are included in the Zoning Ordinance of the Lincoln Municipal Code.

The Planning Commission meets regularly on the third Wednesday of each month at 6 p.m. at City Hall, 600 Sixth Street, Lincoln. The public is invited to attend these meetings. Contact the Community Development Department to confirm the date and location.

Planning Commission Members:

Brian Plummer, Chairman                    email:  
Kristian Watford, Vice Chairman          email: 
Dan Cross                                            email:
Michel Hutchinson                                email: 
Bill Lyons                                              email:
Kelye McKinney                                    email:
Michael Roberts                                    email:


04.19.2017 Planning Commission agenda

04.04.2017 Special Planning Commission agenda

03.15.2017 Planning Commission agenda

02.15.2017 Planning Commission agenda

01.18.2017 Planning Commission agenda

Meeting Notes

April 19, 2017 meeting was a workshop - no meeting notes available 

April 5 meeting summary

March 15_2017 Meeting Summary

02.15.2017 Planning Commission minutes

01.18.2017 Planning Commission minutes