Boards, Commissions & Ad Hoc Committees


The City Clerk's Office administers the opening, notification, application, interviewing and appointment process for vacancies on the City's various Board, Commissions and Ad Hoc Committees.

City Committees Council Appointee(s)
Airport Committee: Nader, Joiner
Dissolved Redevelopment Agency (RDA) Oversight Board: Gilbert
Economic Development Committee: Gilbert, Karleskint
Fiscal & Investments Oversight Committee: Gilbert, Karleskint
Library Advisory Board: Hydrick, Karleskint
Loan Committee: Nader
Park & Recreation Committee: Hydrick
WPUSD/City: Gilbert, Joiner

Regional Boards/Committees Council Appointee(s)

Borders Committee: Gilbert
Lincoln/Sheridan Rural Municipal Advisory Council (MAC): Hydrick
Local Community Benefit Committee: Gilbert
Mayor's Select Committee: Gilbert
Placer County Air Pollution Control District: Nader
Placer County Economic Development Committee: Gilbert
Placer County Flood Control/Water Conservation District: Karleskint
Placer County Transportation Planning Agency: Nader
Placer Mosquito & Vector Control Board: Gilbert
Regional Water Authority (RWA):  Joiner
Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG): Joiner
South Placer Regional Transportation Authority (SPRTA): Hydrick
Western Placer Waste Management Authority (WPWMA): Joiner
NID/City: Joiner, Hydrick
PCWA/City: Joiner, Karleskint

Committees - 2017 appointment table

At-Large Planning Commissioner (as of 9/1/2017) 

Economic Development Committee member (as of 9/12/2017)

To apply:
Advisory Committee Application