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October is Food For Fines Month!

Oct. 2nd-31st, 2017

Post Date:09/27/2017 11:21 AM


Fines will be waived for donations of nonperishable foods. For the whole month of October! 
Starting October. 2nd-31st, 2017  
All food donated goes to the Placer Food Bank!

For more information come to 


Twelve Bridges Library

485 Twelve Bridges Drive

916 434-2410  


Frequently asked questions

Can I apply my donation toward future fines?

No, only existing fines.


I did not know about the Food for Fines drive, could I get my fine waived now and bring food in later?

No, during the month of October you can bring food in and have your fines waived.


Can I apply my donation toward a fee for printing, copies, lost items, or damaged materials?

No, we need a payment to replace the item or pay for the service. Once lost materials are returned, fines can be waived.


What types of food items may I donate? Any non-perishable food items that have not expired, preferably in a can, will be accepted. Please, no glass containers or homemade food.


Why is Lincoln Public Library offering to waive library fines for food?

We want to help others in these tough economic times. In addition, we want you back! Some patrons have not used the library in a long time because they have overdue books or owe fines. This is a way to encourage library users to start with a clean slate. In the end everyone benefits, the local community, you, and the library.


I don’t owe any fines, can I still donate food?

Yes, donations are desperately needed in our community.


Can I donate food after the deadline? The Library cannot accept food for fines after October 31. After October, food should be donated directly to Placer Food Bank (916)783-0481.


I know the Library is going through hard times. How do I donate to the Library? The Friends of the Lincoln Public Library a 501) (c) (3), a nonprofit support organization will gladly accept your monetary donation. These funds are used to support the Library in many ways.

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